San Martino a Cozzi estate

San Martino a Cozzi estate

Your house in the hearth of Tuscany

We are between San Donato in Poggio and Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, two important villages with strategic locations in the most directed route of Strada Romana connecting Florence and Siena.
The first historical sign of Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, called in the past “Tabernulae”, is dated back to 790 A.D. and in this historical territory is placed San Martino a Cozzi housing estate.
The name “Tabarnulae” derives from “taberne”, which were the rest stops for travellers who made this village the meeting point for their commerce.
The counts of Guidi family, powerful liege lords lied with the emperor, lived in San Donato “castra” fortified castle since 11th century, where took place many peace treaties between the contending republics of Florence and Siena (1176 e 1265).
Wonderfully located on the Chianti green hills, San Donato in Poggio has kept its natural beauty from age to age, by enacting a wise valorisation of its landscape, architectural, cultural and artistic resources.
The luxuriant setting, the beauty of castles and medieval villages, the artistic treasure hedged in the parishes and the harmonious integration between rural traditions and productive development make this area the ideal place where to live.

The planning of San Martino a Cozzi housing estate takes its inspiration from existing builds’ traces: the residual masonries are a support for the new ones, becoming both enclosure walls and terracings, limiting the change of crest’s morphology.
The houses are split in 2/3 floor-to-ceiling units, with also single units. The surfaces are about 100, 120, 140, 240 sqm. The housing surface has precious secret gardens and the green private areas run out towards the view of surrounding landscapes.
The designed residential settlement area measures about 8 hectares for a total of 50 residential units and a residents swimming pool.

The floor-to-ceiling units are one-family, two-family and three-family detached houses, of 1 or 2 floors, with basement cellar/warehouse, covered garages, exclusive gardens, and they are identified as:

  • 1 – one-family detached house/ 1 floor + basement
  • 2 – two-family detached house with 1 unit on 2 floors and the other at the ground floor
  • 3 – two-family detached house, “L” shape, on 2 floors, with housing units on every wing
  • 4 – two-family detached house with 1 unit on 2 floors and the other at the ground floor
  • 5 – three-family detached house, composed by 2 paired blocks on one floor and a central volume on two floors

Our most important aim is to offer wonderful housing solutions and we pay attention to all the details to please the highest needs and expectations.

For availability information, check the map, or contact our commercial offices:  +39 338 9359880.

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